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Under the direction and control of the ECF Board of Directors, the professional staff is responsible for the day-to-day operations of the organization, providing infrastructure and services for all California and reporting locations and for such other duties as may, from time to time, be assigned by the Board.

Contributions to ECF are tracked by geographic area and budgets are established to ensure that monies contributed are returned to the communities where contributors live and work. Under ECF funding guidelines, all requests for support are studied thoroughly and presented to the Board of Directors for consideration. Staff review of grant applications includes compliance with basic funding guidelines, tax exempt status, service area, services provided, as well as financial information to ensure that ECF dollars provide meaningful and necessary services in the most efficient manner.

The ECF office is located in Long Beach, California and the staff is available to address any questions or comments you may have.



(562) 593-2612
(562) 593-0955

3855 Lakewood Blvd.
MC D802-0011
Long Beach, CA 90846


3855 Lakewood Blvd | MC D802-0011 | Long Beach, CA 90846 | (562) 593-2612

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