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Who is Funded

The Employees Community Fund of Boeing California allocates portions of its annual funding in community enrichment, education, health services, human service organizations, and youth programs. While the program strongly supports funding in these focus areas, it is also committed to responding to a wide range of needs, especially those suggested by its employee contributors. To view any of the Annual Reports, click on the cover images. You must have Adobe Acrobat Reader.

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Crystal Vision Award

The Crystal Vision Award is the ECF competitive grants program established in 1990 to direct special funding to specific areas of community need. Crystal Vision invites the staff, board of directors and volunteers of organizations closest to the need to suggest new and innovative programs they believe could make significant positive impact in communities. Crystal Vision Awards have focused on youth-mentoring, services to senior citizens, the homeless, children at risk, environmental and arts education.

Douglas DC-3 Monument Park

Over many years, the Douglas White Oaks Ranch Trust made a difference thanks to the prudent stewardship of the Employees Community Fund of Boeing California, which administered the original gift of the Douglas Aircraft Welfare Foundation. Funded at the special request of employees and retirees, the Douglas DC-3 Monument Park, located at the Santa Monica Airport in California pays tribute to the legacy of Donald W. Douglas. The monument which features a statue of Mr. Douglas was commissioned from ECF of Boeing California in the fall of 2007.


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