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How We Operate

The Employees Community Fund (ECF) of Boeing California encourages its members to get involved in the selection process by suggesting organizations to be considered for support. Each calendar year, an agency can receive a grant from ECF. Employees can refer the same agency each year in addition to other favorite charities. Once an agency has become an ECF grant recipient they can receive grants of higher denominations.

Under ECF funding guidelines, all requests for support are studied thoroughly by the ECF staff and presented to the Board of Directors for consideration. Staff review of grant applications includes compliance with basic funding guidelines, tax exempt status, service area, services provided, as well as financial information to ensure that ECF dollars provide meaningful and necessary services in the most efficient manner.

ECF allocates portions of its annual funding in community enrichment, education, health services, human service organizations, and youth programs. While the program strongly supports funding in these focus areas, it is also committed to responding to a wide range of needs, especially those suggested by its employee contributors.

Community Enrichment

Community enrichment is aimed at making our communities better places to live. The community benefits when visitors to a wildlife center learn compelling information and knowledge about conservation; when children and adults are educated about the importance of protecting urban forests and ecosystems in coastal areas and watersheds; or when children learn values necessary to practice, rehearse and collaborate in the arts to achieve their goals through performance.


Fundamental success in society requires that every generation be creative and complex critical thinkers. ECF helps to make dreams happen by supporting science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) and arts education. Students can learn to dispel myths and discover what makes sharks one of the top predators in the ocean; the budding scientist or future engineer can plan a path to college or a career through summer camp; or a child can take their own experiences and turn them into meaningful words and illustrations.

Health Services

Health related causes touch everyone of us and are among the top concerns of our employee contributors as shown by the high number of referrals of health agencies for ECF consideration. Research for cures for heart disease, cancer, diabetes and other diseases is funded by contributions, and we are seeing breakthroughs everyday in early diagnosis, care and treatment.

Human Service Organizations

ECF of Boeing California gives generously to a variety of human services which help to transform the lives and communities where our employees live and work. ECF supports human service organizations that promote and support senior citizen services, assistance for the homeless and the hungry, disaster assistance, job re-training, gang intervention, support services for the disabled, individual and family counseling, as well as, support for the prevention of domestic violence and child abuse prevention.

Youth Programs

The goal of agencies supporting youth programs is to enhance the lives of youth, improve their self-esteem, create responsible behavior and provide life skills for the constituency. ECF of Boeing California can provide the services, resources and facilities necessary to help assure that at-risk and other young people in the communities where our members live and work are given a fair chance at achieving their goals.


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