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Why digitalization is so necessary for the development of modern business and what digital tools are needed first of all.

Our world has long since moved from offline to online. Today, any smartphone owner can quickly find any information, and then instantly share it with thousands of other people. The idea of a company, its products and services is formed at the stage of familiarization with its website or page in social networks.

The most active people of today use social networks, which, by the way, have many options for business promotion. If before you had to spend a lot of money on TV commercials and billboards and point targeting, now it is enough to run a much cheaper advertising campaign on Facebook or installer.

Digitalization in business

Digitalization is not only capable of creating new business processes, organizational structures, regulations and new role models. It is designed to simplify companies’ operations. But despite this, the introduction of digital technologies in a company is a huge task and a long process.

You can not create a company website and immediately wait for an increase in profits by 5 times. Digital transformation requires a comprehensive solution to business problems together with the right IT tools.

The first step and fundamental preparation for digitalization can be started with the correct development of the corporate website or with the help of functional eCommerce solutions, mobile applications, chat bots and further development of custom CRM/ERP-systems. So to develop or start own business is much easier.

Digitalization has many advantages:

  • reduces costs and bureaucratic burdens;
  • improves and automates work processes;
  • creates high competitiveness;
  • simplifies data handling;
  • saves money;
  • improves the quality of service and increases the flow of customers;
  • Increases customer recognition and brand loyalty;
  • enhances communication with users;

The use of modern digital-technologies in one way or another is necessary for every type of business – it is obvious. The necessary minimum for any company now is the presence of a site and accounts in social networks (with very few exceptions).

Those brands that want to make one more step closer to their customers can also develop a mobile application/chatboat and use other promotion channels – and this can actually bring them to a new level.


If earlier retail business was built first of all from the right location of points of sale, now the client comes to the fore. Everything revolves around the consumer: if what you do is good for him, he recommends you.

Thus, the primary answer to digitalization is not superinnovation, but a qualitative client-oriented approach. “Survival of the strongest” – companies that will position themselves as structures that are capable of rapid change and meet the needs and expectations of customers.

Business appearance

In order for business to grow and make a profit, it is important to understand what you are doing and for whom. You need to explore your business environment, your customers’ needs and your competitors’ strategies.

If a company has no significant goal, mission, or trust that has a wide response among consumers and the general public, then no matter how strong the company’s position in the market, even if you are in the first positions.

Readiness for change

If you decide to take your business to the next level, it is important to understand that it will not be easy and you need to be prepared for major changes.

First of all, we need to reconsider the mission and strategy of the company, because today the main business trends, consumer needs and patterns of their behavior are constantly changing. That’s why the strategy should be formulated and implemented in parallel, ideally as a continuous cycle based on sales and feedback.

Secondly, for the digital transformation to yield the desired results, it is important to be involved and assisted at all levels: owners, directors, top managers, managers and ordinary employees.

Third, it is important to understand that digitalization requires constant change. Even if you have already transformed your company, it is not enough, because it is still MVP, which needs to be accompanied, find points of growth and build a system to attract and retain customers.